Asian Watch Experts: Seagull, Seiko, Citizen Repairs in USA

At Sangamon Watches, we understand the enduring popularity of Asian watches. From the innovative technology of Seiko and Citizen to the rich heritage of Chinese brands like Seagull, Peacock and Indian brands Titan and HMT, these timepieces offer exceptional quality and value.

We are proud to be your one-stop shop for servicing and repairing a wide range of Asian watches, including:

  • Popular Brands: Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio, Seagull, Peacock, Hangzhou, Titans and many more.

  • Movements: We have extensive experience working on movements from Seiko (including NH series), Citizen (including Miyota movements), Seagull (including ST series), and Hangzhou.

Our Services for Asian Watches:

  • Battery Replacements: Keep your quartz watch running smoothly with a quick and efficient battery replacement.
  • Movement Overhaul: We meticulously disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble your watch's movement, restoring its functionality to its original glory.
  • Crystal Replacement: A scratched or damaged crystal can detract from the beauty of your watch. We can replace it with a high-quality, clear crystal.
  • Crown and Stem Repair: Is your watch crown not setting the time properly? We can diagnose and repair crown and stem issues to ensure proper timekeeping.
  • Gasket Replacement: Over time, gaskets can wear down, affecting your watch's water resistance. We can replace them to maintain water integrity.
  • Band Replacement and Adjustment: We offer a wide selection of watch bands to complement your Asian watch, and our experts can adjust the fit for your comfort.
  • Vintage Watch Repair: Do you own a cherished vintage Seagull or Citizen? Our watchmakers possess the knowledge and tools to restore its functionality and preserve its legacy.

Why Choose Sangamon Watches for Your Asian Watch Repair:

  • Experienced Watchmakers: Our team is highly skilled and experienced in servicing Asian watch movements.
  • Genuine Parts: We use only high-quality, genuine replacement parts to ensure optimal performance.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive pricing for our watch repair services.
  • Free Consultation: Get a free consultation and quote before we begin any repairs.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: We understand the importance of getting your watch back quickly.

Additional Information:

  • Replacement parts are extra, and we'll provide an estimate before proceeding.
  • Unusual or high-grade watches require a custom quote.
  • We do not repair Accutrons and smart watches. (due to parts availability).
  • We don't service low-jeweled or "dollar" watches, replicas, or low-grade Chinese watches (limited parts & timekeeping issues).

Keeping Your Asian Watch Running Smoothly:

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your Asian watch. We recommend periodic cleaning and lubrication, especially for mechanical watches. Our watch specialists can advise you on the best maintenance practices for your specific timepiece.

Contact Sangamon Watches for Mail-in Repair Service!

Whether you own a modern Seiko or a vintage Seagull, Sangamon Watches is your trusted partner for all your Asian watch repair needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our nationwide mail-in services. We look forward to helping you preserve your cherished timepiece for generations to come.

Note: Minimum bench charge $30 (open case examination, diagnosis, report findings, etc. for any watch received and not repaired)