Breathe New Life into Your Pocket Watch

Does your cherished pocket watch tick silently in a drawer, a forgotten relic of a bygone era? At Sangamon Watches, we specialize in reviving these treasured heirlooms! Our skilled watchmakers possess the expertise to restore functionality and elegance to pocket watches of all eras, from vintage and antique to modern timepieces.

We specialize in:

  • Crystal Repair: Replace cracked or scratched crystals with pristine replacements, restoring clarity and protecting your watch's delicate movement.
  • Movement Overhaul: We meticulously disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble your watch's movement, ensuring smooth operation and accurate timekeeping for years to come.
  • Complete Cleaning Services: We bring your pocket watch back to its former glory with a thorough cleaning, removing dirt, dust, and grime for a flawless appearance.

We service a wide range of renowned pocket watch brands, including:

  • Appleton
  • Waltham
  • Bulova
  • Ingersoll
  • Elgin
  • Hamilton
  • Illinois
  • Howard
  • Aurora
  • Columbus
  • South Bend
  • Manistee
  • Marion
  • Seth Thomas
  • Ball
  • E. Howard
  • Lancaster
  • Hampden
  • Jacob Karr
  • Rockford
  • Burlington
  • Osaka
  • Potter
  • Patek Philippe
  • Rolex 
  • Omega 
  • Longines
  • Tissot

We understand the sentimental value of pocket watches. We treat them with the utmost care throughout the repair process.

Nationwide Mail-in Service for Your Convenience:

Don't let distance prevent you from getting your cherished pocket watch repaired. We offer convenient mail-in service nationwide. Simply contact us today to discuss your repair needs and get a free quote.

Note: A minimum bench charge of $30 applies (covers case opening, diagnosis, and report findings) for any watch received and not repaired.

Let Sangamon Watches bring your pocket watch back to life! Contact us today.