Watch Demagnetization Service

Does your watch seem to be running erratically, gaining or losing time significantly? The culprit might be magnetism! At Sangamon Watches, we offer professional demagnetization services to safely remove magnetic fields and restore your watch's accuracy and smooth operation.

Understanding Magnetism & Watches:

Mechanical watches, particularly those with ferrous metal components in their movements, are susceptible to magnetism. Exposure to common sources like magnetic clasps on purses, speakers, or even airport security scanners can magnetize a watch's components. This disrupts the delicate balance of the hairspring, causing the watch to run fast, slow, or erratically.

Signs Your Watch Might Need Demagnetization:

  • Sudden and significant changes in timekeeping: Your watch might start gaining or losing minutes or even hours per day.
  • The second hand movement becomes erratic or jerky.

The Demagnetization Process:

Our demagnetization process is quick, safe, and effective. We utilize specialized demagnetization equipment that emits a controlled electromagnetic field to neutralize any magnetism affecting your watch's movement.

Fast and Affordable Service:

In most cases, demagnetization can be completed within minutes while you wait. Our rates start at just $30, making it a cost-effective way to restore your watch's accuracy.

Protect Your Investment:

A magnetized watch can not only be frustrating but also lead to long-term damage if left unaddressed. Schedule regular demagnetization services, especially if you frequently come into contact with potential magnetic fields.

Restore Your Watch's Performance:

Don't let magnetism compromise the accuracy of your cherished timepiece. Contact Sangamon Watches today to discuss our demagnetization services and get your watch back to running smoothly and precisely.