Quick & Affordable Watch Movement Service

Just like a finely tuned car, a mechanical watch thrives on regular maintenance to keep it ticking flawlessly for generations. This process, known as a movement service, is crucial for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your treasured timepiece. Here at Sangamon Watches, our expert watchmakers offer a comprehensive movement service to keep your watch running like new.

Opening the Door to Precision

The first step in a movement service involves carefully removing the watch's movement, the intricate heart that powers its operation. Once exposed, our watchmaker meticulously removes the dial and hands, providing clear access for the service to begin.

A Deep Dive into the Mechanism

With the movement laid bare, the watchmaker embarks on a thorough disassembly process. Every tiny screw, spring, and bridge is meticulously removed, revealing the intricate ballet of components that orchestrate the watch's timekeeping. Each part undergoes a magnified inspection, with any worn or damaged elements being replaced to ensure optimal functionality.

A Cleansing Bath

The disassembled parts are then whisked away to a specialized cleaning machine. Much like a miniature washing machine, this device utilizes powerful detergents to meticulously remove old lubricants, dirt, and any other contaminants that may have accumulated over time. This ensures a pristine canvas for the next stage.

Rejuvenation and Protection

With the parts sparkling clean, the watchmaker meticulously reassembles the movement. Precise amounts of high-quality lubricants are applied to specific points within the movement. Sangamon Watches uses only the finest lubricants to minimize friction and prevent wear, ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, special chemical coatings are employed to enhance the longevity of the applied lubricants, further extending the life of the service.

Putting it All Back Together

Once the movement is meticulously reassembled, the watchmaker carefully reinstalls the dial and hands. The watch case also receives meticulous cleaning to eliminate any dust or debris that could compromise the movement's functionality after reassembly.

Fine-tuning for Peak Performance

With the watch back in its entirety, the real magic begins. Our watchmaker utilizes specialized equipment, often including a high-sensitivity microphone, to rigorously test and meticulously adjust the movement. This process ensures the watch runs at its optimal rate, typically taking 3-5 days to complete.

Peace of Mind with Every Service

At Sangamon Watches, we stand behind our work. Every serviced watch comes with a warranty against installed parts and defects in workmanship, ensuring your investment is protected.

Additional Information:

  • Replacement parts are extra, and we'll provide an estimate before proceeding.
  • Unusual or high-grade watches require a custom quote.
  • We do not repair Accutrons and smart watches. (due to parts availability).
  • We don't service low-jeweled or "dollar" watches, replicas, or low-grade Chinese watches (limited parts & timekeeping issues).

Ready to Breathe New Life into Your Watch?

Don't let your cherished timepiece lose its rhythm. Contact Sangamon Watches today to learn more about our comprehensive movement services and ensure your watch continues to tell your story for years to come.