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"Thrilled with Sangamon Watches! My wife's Rolex wouldn't tick anymore. We dreaded jewelry store prices, so we took a chance on Sangamon Watches. Best decision ever! Their communication was fantastic, the repair was perfect, and the price was a steal! The watch is back in 4 days, looking great and keeping perfect time. Highly recommend!"   - Todd S.

Skip the wait – get your watch repaired fast! At Sangamon Watch Co. in Springfield, we understand your time is valuable. That's why we offer convenient watch repair services, often with a quick turnaround. Your cherished timepiece is more than just a tool; it's a reflection of you and a keeper of memories. Our skilled horologist performs a comprehensive range of repairs and maintenance services all in-house, so you don't have to send your watch away. Need a weekend appointment? We've got you covered! Keep your watch ticking and your style on point – quickly, conveniently, and on your schedule.

Live outside Springfield? No sweat! We offer a convenient mail-in repair service for your watch. Just contact us first and we'll walk you through the simple process. Free estimates, secured shipping with USPS Registered Mail, and insurance included! Get your watch repaired easily, wherever you are.

If you are a microbrand watch operator, click here to learn how to partner with us and provide warranty and after-sales repair services to your customers in the USA.

Sangamon Watches - your one-stop shop for watch repair! Our experienced team can service any brand or type of watch, all within a high-security building for your peace of mind.

"They brought my family heirloom back to life!My 1920 Waltham was a wreck! Found Sangamon Watches online and took a leap of faith. Now it's a beauty! Amazing work, Sangamon Watches!"  - Mary D.

Our Services:

  • All Watches Services: We repair and service modern, vintage and luxury watches, both wristwatches and pocket watches.
  • Battery Replacement: We ensure your quartz movement watch keeps ticking. 
  • Quartz Movement Replacement: Replace damaged movement with a brand new one. 
  • Crystal Replacement: Protect your watch face with our precision crystal fitting. 
  • Stem & Crown Replacement: Restore the functionality and aesthetics of your watch.
  • Watch Overhauls: Your watch is completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and timed using state of the art equipment. Cases & bracelet are polished, water resistance is tested. 
  • Bracelet/Case Refinishing & Polishing: Regular maintenance to ensure longevity of steel bracelet and case. 
  • Band Services: Resize, repair, or replace your watch band for the perfect fit. 
  • Demagnification: Safely remove the magnetic field from your watch, restoring its accuracy and smooth operation. 
  • Luxury Watch Care: Repairs and maintenance for brands, free estimates.
  • Custom Requests: Catering to organizations and microbrands, we offer custom-made watches and assembly services.

Give Your Watch a New Lease on Life: The Complete Watch Refresh Package

Restore your cherished timepiece to its former glory with our comprehensive watch revival package!

Here's what you get:

  • Deep Cleanse: We meticulously disassemble your watch, ensuring every nook and cranny gets a thorough ultrasonic cleaning, removing dirt and grime that can affect performance.
  • Expert Revival: Our skilled watchmaker meticulously reassembles your watch, applying the perfect amount of high-grade lubricants for optimal operation. Timekeeping accuracy is then fine-tuned using advanced electronic timing machines.
  • Polished Perfection: The case and steel bracelet are brought back to its original shine with a gentle buffing process. 

This package is perfect for:

  • Watches experiencing timekeeping issues
  • Timepieces with visible dirt, dust, or oil buildup
  • Inherited or vintage watches in need of a refresh
  • Any watch that deserves to be pampered!

More than just keeping perfect time, The Complete Watch Refresh Package helps safeguard your watch's lifespan and overall value. By giving your timepiece a thorough cleaning and service, you're ensuring its smooth operation for years to come! Contact us today to schedule your watch revival. Free consultations!

Our Expertise:
Our in-house certified horologist brings nearly 10 years of experience with SWATCH GROUP and a wealth of knowledge, having worked on prestigious brands such as AP, RM, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Rolex, among others. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, our horologist can assess your watch's needs and provide a repair estimate while you wait.

Guaranteed Quality:
We stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on all repairs, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in our services.

Experience the difference. We offer personalized, high-quality watch repair & service to keep your cherished timepiece running flawlessly.  

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"I met Brian and Tyler while having a watch polished. They not only did fantastic work but were also able to get it done on my lunch break! Could not be happier with the before and after along with the customer service. I would highly recommend them for any of watch servicing needs."  - Blake C.