Watch Crystal Replacement

Cracked or scratched crystals can not only detract from the beauty of your watch but also leave the delicate dial vulnerable to dust and moisture. At Sangamon Watches in Springfield Illinois, we offer expert watch crystal replacement services to restore clarity and protect your timepiece for years to come.

Understanding Watch Crystals:

The crystal serves as the transparent window of your watch, safeguarding the dial and movement underneath. Most modern watches utilize scratch-resistant materials like mineral glass or sapphire crystal.

Mineral Glass:

  • A cost-effective and widely used option, offering good scratch resistance at a reasonable price.

Sapphire Crystal:

  • The clear choice for luxury watches, renowned for its exceptional hardness and clarity. Sapphire is virtually scratch-proof under everyday wear.

Our Crystal Replacement Expertise:

We service all watch brands, from fashion labels to prestigious Swiss watchmakers like Rolex. Our extensive inventory includes a wide variety of crystals in different sizes and materials, ensuring a perfect fit for your watch.

Fast and Affordable Service:

Our watchmakers can meticulously replace your crystal while maintaining the original water resistance of your timepiece. In most cases, crystal replacement starts at just $60, including labor. However, the final cost can vary depending on the watch brand and the specific crystal required.

Luxury Watch Considerations:

For high-end timepieces, we may need to special order a replacement crystal to ensure an exact match. While the cost may be slightly higher than standard crystals, our rates are significantly lower than most jewelry shops.

Caring for Your Watch Crystal:

  • Avoid abrasive materials: Clean your watch crystal with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild soap.
  • Beware of extreme temperatures: Sudden changes in temperature can cause some crystals to crack.
  • Regular inspections: Periodically examine your crystal for any chips, cracks, or scratches. Early detection allows for prompt replacement, preventing damage to the dial or movement.

Protect Your Investment:

Don't let a damaged crystal compromise the beauty and functionality of your watch. Contact Sangamon Watches today to discuss your crystal replacement needs. We'll ensure your timepiece shines brightly once more.