Board of Advisors

Our esteemed Board of Advisors provides invaluable guidance to the Sangamon team in making crucial strategic decisions across various areas, including brand positioning, design, manufacturing, legal, marketing, and research. We are honored to collaborate with the following highly distinguished individuals.


Jeff Weber, USA

Jeff Weber is a visionary entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, and CleanTech expert. He has extensive experience in investment banking, having successfully overseen numerous projects, and possesses a vast network of influential investors and family offices. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Weber has a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, having successfully managed all aspects of the ownership cycle, including acquisition, entitlement, design, construction, finance, leasing, marketing, property management, asset management, and disposition, across various sub-sectors.


Dr. Li Yan, Japan

Dr. Li Yan is a renowned Japanese artist, widely regarded as one of the most prominent contemporary painters of our time. She made history as the first female to receive a PhD in Chinese and Japanese Art. With a wealth of solo exhibitions under her belt, both in Asia and internationally, Dr. Yan's work has been highly sought after and collected by prestigious institutions, including the National Diet Building of Japan, national galleries, and by influential figures such as President Ronald Reagan, the Queen of Denmark, and former British Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher.


Dr. Peter Newman, CFA, USA

Dr. Peter Newman boasts a multifaceted background in business, encompassing real estate development, wealth management for high-net-worth individuals, and managing a large endowment fund. Prior to his current endeavors, he served as the Senior Assistant Vice President for Treasury Operations at the University of Illinois, where he oversaw $700 million in assets. He is also the President and Founder of Peak Wealth Planning, LLC, where he provides expert advice to business owners and high net worth individuals on how to effectively manage their wealth, minimize taxes, and optimize their financial portfolios.