Board of Advisors

Our powerful Board of Advisors guide the Sangamon team in all important strategic decisions from brand positioning, design, manufacturing, legal, marketing and research. Sangamon is honored to work with our distinguished advisors below.


Jeff Weber, USA

Jeff Weber is a visionary entrepreneur, singer/songwriter and currently manages and consults in the CleanTech space. Mr. Weber is a successful investment banker for numerous projects and has a global network of influential investors and family offices. For over 30 years, Jeff Weber has managed, as principal, all facets of the ownership cycle (acquisition, entitlement, design, construction, finance, leasing/marketing, property management, asset management and disposition) in numerous sub-sectors of real estate. 


Dr. Li Yan, Japan

Dr. Li Yan is a famous Japanese artist and known as one of the most representative contemporary painters in modern times. Li Yan was the first female PhD in Chinese and Japanese Art. Having held many solo exhibitions throughout Asia and abroad, her work has been collected by the National Diet Building of Japan, national galleries, art institutions and well-renowned figures such as President Ronald Reagan, Queen of Denmark and former British Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher. 


Dr. Peter Newman, CFA, USA

Dr. Peter Newman has an exceptional background in business from real estate development to managing wealth for high net worth individuals and a large endowment fund. Peter was previously the Senior Assistant VP for Treasury Operations for the University of Illinois with $700 million assets under management. He is also the President and Founder of Peak Wealth Planning, LLC where he advises business owners and HNWIs how to manage their wealth, minimize their taxes and optimize their overall wealth.