Watch Band and Bracelet Services

Your watch band is more than just a functional piece – it's a key element of your watch's overall style and comfort. At Sangamon Watches, we offer comprehensive band services to ensure your watch fits perfectly and complements your look.

Finding the Right Fit:

Does your watch band feel too loose or too tight? Our expert watchmakers can quickly and professionally resize your current metal band for a comfortable and secure fit. No more slipping or struggling to fasten your watch!

Repairing the Unexpected:

Accidents happen, and sometimes your favorite watch band might suffer a broken clasp or damaged link. Don't throw it away! Our skilled technicians can often repair broken bracelets, saving you money and extending the life of your existing band.

Upgrade Your Style:

Looking to change your watch's look and feel? We carry a wide selection of high-quality leather and rubber bands in various colors and styles. Whether you prefer a classic leather strap for a timeless look or a sporty rubber band for active wear, we have something for everyone.

Extra-Long Options Available:

Finding a watch band that fits your larger wrist can be a challenge. We understand that frustration! That's why we stock a selection of extra-long leather bands specifically designed for those with bigger wrists. Now you can enjoy the comfort and style of a leather band without compromising on fit.

Shop In-Store:

Visit our downtown Sangamon Watches shop to browse our band collection and get expert advice on finding the perfect fit for your watch. 

Don't settle for an ill-fitting or damaged band! Let Sangamon Watches help you find the perfect watch band to complete your look and ensure a comfortable fit.