Repair Partner with Microbrands and Brand Operators!

Sangamon Watches offers a convenient and reliable mail-in repair service for watch enthusiasts nationwide. We're an approved repair service partner for international brands like Seagull (China), Pantor (HK), BOMBFROG© (Germany), Gruppo Gamma (Singapore) in the USA.

At Sangamon Watches, we share your love for the microbrand watch world and your dedication to exceptional timepieces. We understand the unique challenges you face because we've been there ourselves. Founded in Springfield, Illinois (the Home of Lincoln!), we've grown from online sales to a brick-and-mortar shop, and now we're excited to offer the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

We're equipped for excellence. Our state-of-the-art watch service center features top-of-the-line tools and testing equipment sourced from industry leaders in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and China. This ensures we have the right tools for every job, allowing us to provide meticulous service for your brand's timepieces.

Complete Watch Solutions for Microbrands and International Brands

We're proud to provide comprehensive warranty and after-sales services and professional watch assembly solutions designed specifically for your brand needs.

  • Seamless Warranty & After-Sales Services:
    Enhance your customer experience by offering authorized repairs through Sangamon Watches. Our team of highly skilled watchmaker, including a veteran from a leading Swiss watchmaker, can handle all your clients' repair needs, protecting your brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

  • Expert Watch Assembly & Testing: Focus on what you do best – design and innovation. Let Sangamon handle the watch assembly with efficiency and precision. "Assembled in the USA" adds value to your brand, and we offer flexible, cost-effective solutions. Simply provide your watch kits, and we'll meticulously assemble and test each timepiece before it returns to you. This frees up your time and resources to focus on what matters most – growing your brand.

We Speak Your Language

We are microbrand watch entrepreneurs too, so we understand your aspirations and the challenges you face. We're here to partner with you and provide the professional support you need to succeed.

Fast and Affordable Services Offered:

  • Warranty Repair: Our services help you control repair costs.
  • After-Sales Repair: We service modern, vintage, and luxury watches, ensuring your clients receive the best care.
  • Comprehensive Watch Services: Our full suite covers battery replacement, quartz movement replacement, crystal replacement, stem & crown repair, movement overhauls, cleaning & servicing, band services, and demagnetization.

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