5 Reasons Why People buy Independent and Microbrand Watches

The rise of microbrand watches has grown significantly in the 21st century thanks to the popularity of e-commerce. Microbrand watches have many definitions and can be generally summarized as independent watchmaking businesses who sell fair priced wrist watches online directly to consumers with low annual production. Here is our list of why people continue to buy microbrand watches from lesser known companies.


Microbrands are very reliable as most founders of brands are inspiring entrepreneurs with similar passions and interests as their consumers. Microbrands are traditional shops and are fighting to succeed in this competitive industry so they can feed their family. Owners are not millionaires or large corporations and consumers respect that. The watches are usually assembled by the same factories that supplies the same parts or make quality products for fashion brands or well known brands. Most of the microbrand watches use good quality Japanese or Swiss made movements.

Maximal Value

Value is immediately thought of since microbrands always try to deliver ultimate value to their consumers. The name on the watch influences the reputation of the company. Owners must provide value to their customers since they know they are competing against larger, more established watch companies. Many brands also offer large discounts to their earliest backers either through Kickstarter or during Pre-order sales to show gratitude to their first supporters.


Watches are priced fairly and typically remove the middlemen such as watch retailers or wholesalers. Companies have less overhead and sell directly to consumers online. This allows companies to survive on smaller markups and pass the savings to the consumer. Many independent watches are much cheaper and affordable than high priced luxury watches.


Microbrands are very active in community groups on social media especially with Facebook. Founders are very passionate about their work and want to stay engaged with their customers. The best are very responsive to their customers’ feedback. Some microbrands allow their customers to influence upcoming models from designing their case and dials to selecting the color schemes. 


Microbrands do not have to follow the traditional rules of horology allowing ultimate creativity. Companies can offer one of a kind design to allow customers to stand out. Many brands offer limited number of watches or models. This is one of the largest appeals of the microbrand watch industry.