Behind your Watch Serial Number! Learn what those Numbers Mean.

We’ve all bought a watch, turned it over and wonder what do all those numbers really mean. Here at Sangamon, we tried to keep the serial number as lean as possible but provide some sort of information within the serial number. Here is a breakdown of the serial number behind every Sangamon watch:

Every watch we produce begins with a letter S for Sangamon. We frequently produce prototypes so these will include the letters DS for Designer Series. You may have seen letters DS in many of our pictures, since we receive these watches first. After the letter S, comes the official serial number. In this case above, the watch is number 266 out of the collection. The final 2 numbers highlight the series number and then the collection number. The 2nd series which is our Freedom Series and the first collection- Omaha Beach. We now know this watch above is number 266/500 and from our Omaha Beach Collection.

This is our simple (or not simple enough) numbering system. If you ever have any specific questions regarding your watch, contact us immediately.