Collection: 761st Tank Battalion

The 761 Tank Battalion, brave and true,
Fighting for freedom, in skies of blue.
A collection of watches, to honor their name,
For the black soldiers, who played their part in the game.

In World War II, they fought with might,
Defending their country, day and night.
With courage and bravery, they took the fight,
To the enemy lines, they marched with might.

The 761 Tank Battalion, a symbol of pride,
For the black soldiers, who fought side by side.
With Sangamon Watches, their legacy lives on,
A tribute to their bravery, from dusk till dawn.

These watches are more than just timepieces, you see,
They're a symbol of bravery, for all to see.
With precision and style, they keep the time,
For the black soldiers, who fought for what's right.

So let us remember, the 761 Tank Battalion,
And the black soldiers, who fought without abandon.
For freedom and justice, they gave their all,
And with Sangamon Watches, their story will never fall.


The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the first African-American tank unit in US history. The watch features an engraved design on the back that showcases the iconic Sherman tank used by the 761st Tank Battalion as they fought their way across Europe during World War II. With only 100 pieces available, this is a limited edition watch that embodies the essence of the Freedom Series.

The Freedom Series celebrates the bravery of American heroes who fought for freedom and liberty. It is a salute to our warriors and a source of inspiration for all who seek to embody the courage of those who came before us. The 761st Tank Battalion Collection is a proud addition to this series, honoring the achievements of these fearless fighters and the principles they stood for.

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