Collection: The Leech One Collection

The Leech One Collection celebrates the victories of iconic MMA fighter Li Jingliang, better known as "The Leech" in the Octagon. With a reputation for delivering powerful knockouts, The Leech has earned his place among the top fighters in UFC welterweight history. This special-edition wristwatch collection is a tribute to his love for the sport and his unwavering fearlessness. The Leech One Collection is a bold and empowering accessory that encourages you to be victorious, whether in the Octagon or in life. With a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing watches that tell meaningful American stories, we eagerly seized the opportunity to work with Mr. Li as partners with a shared vision. The Leech One Collection is designed to reflect the life of an MMA fighter, showcasing a 43 mm stainless-steel case. This watch, which we anticipate will be one of our best-sellers, was inspired by the life of Jingliang, a testament to his fearlessness and perseverance in the ring.

Bold colors and eccentric engravings are the mainstays of Sangamon and the watch delivers on both. A golden colored octagon shape sundial represents a symbol of the Golden Belt of the Championship and the fights allowing you to let your vibrant personality shine through and showcasing valiance and fearlessness, The triangle area with a date window and Leech Li looks like an ancient Colosseum or an entryway to Octagon. The Black/Red combination along with the two sundials symbolizes the two drops of blood, making it an ideal companion for all of your adventures.

Partnering with a renowned MMA fighter known for his bravery, we aimed to create a distinctive and timeless design that will inspire people for years to come. The unique engraving is a reflection of our commitment to delivering exceptional artistry in every watch.

With four vibrant color options: Black/Red, Gold/Black, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Green, The Leech One Collection is the bold spirit you can rely on in and out in your day-to-day life.  COMING SOON in 2023!


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