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Be Victorious, whether it’s in the Octagon or in Life. This is the philosophy of the iconic MMA fighter Li Jingliang, Also known as “The Leech” in the octagon. The Leech has quietly punched his way into being tied for the second most knockouts in UFC welterweight history. A genuine love for the sport has now inspired a special-edition wristwatch collection with Sangamon. The result: is an empowering companion designed to express yourself with boldness and fearlessness.

With a desire to design stunning watches for men and women around meaningful American stories, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Mr. Li as pioneers with a shared vision. Leech One Collection is designed to convey the life of an MMA fighter. Featuring the 43 mm stainless-steel case profile of one of our upcoming best-selling new watches; This timepiece is directly inspired by the life of Jingliang, a fabulous intersection of efforts and fearlessness put by him in his undeniably fascinating fights.

Bold colors and eccentric engravings are the mainstays of Sangamon and the watch delivers on both. A golden colored octagon shape sundial represents a symbol of the Golden Belt of the Championship and the fights allowing you to let your vibrant personality shine through and showcasing valiance and fearlessness, The triangle area with a date window and Leech Li looks like an ancient Colosseum or an entryway to Octagon. The Black/Red combination along with the two sundials symbolizes the two drops of blood, making it an ideal companion for all of your adventures.

Teaming up with a professional MMA fighter known for his daringness meant that we had to bring in a unique art design engraving that will continue to inspire people for the time to come.

With four vibrant color options: Black/Red, Gold/Black, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Green, The Leech One Collection is the bold spirit you can rely on in and out in your day-to-day life.


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