Clara Barton User Manual

Clara Barton User Manual (2035 Miyota Quartz)

Setting Time

  1. Pull crown out to position 1.
  2. Turn the crown clockwise to set hour and minute hands.
  3. Push the crown in back to normal position.

Adjust length of mesh watch bracelet.

  1. Watch sample video:
  2. Remove all plastic on bracelet.
  3. Pull up on safety buckle.
  4. Use small flat tool, such as flathead screwdriver, pointer tool, safety pin, etc., and insert in small hole. Gently lift up on plate to set free.
  5. Slide clasp in desired groove.
  6. Firmly press the plate clamp down to lock position into groove.
  7. Put watch on wrist and hook both parts of the solid fold-over clasp (with engraved SANGAMON) into the sliding clasp.
  8. Push safety buckle down.

Repeat steps until you reach desired length.